10 Greatest Black Sitcom Dads, Ranked

As long as there have been sitcoms, there have been father figures who stand out in their shows. This type of character is present in both older shows as well The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and new ones like The Neighborhood. Black sitcoms, in particular, focus on fatherly characters to provide the guidance that youngsters need.

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With so many decades filled with sitcoms where such figures exist, there are a lot of candidates to think of. But certain fathers stand out among the rest because of the love and affection they display toward their families. This is why it’s important to see what makes these Black sitcom fathers so special.

10 George Jefferson (The Jeffersons)

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The Jeffersons is a hilarious sitcom spin-off, having branched out from All in the family. The show is mainly about married couple Louise and George Jefferson, but their son, Lionel, appears frequently. While George isn’t the most empathetic dad, he supports his son’s decisions.

George sets aside his disapproval of Lionel’s marriage, along with the latter’s friendship with the Bunkers. He also provides for his family, managing to reach financial security. Mainly, though, it’s his inability to be a normal dad that makes the character so hilarious and a memorable parent.

9 Andre Johnson (Black-ish)

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Andre Johnson from Black-ish is a staunch democrat who views his black ancestry as something to be treasured. Dre sometimes clashes with his family due to his outspoken nature, but that’s mainly a mark of how passionate he is as a person.

Dre considers it his responsibility to look out for the family even though everyone is a self-functioning member. He wants to right the wrongs of his own upbringing by making sure that his children have happy memories of their younger years. While Dre has had issues with his wife, he tries to do better when it comes to his kids.

8 Julius Rock (Everybody Hates Chris)

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Everybody Hates Chris is about Chris Rock’s childhood after his family moved to a new neighborhood. His father, Julius Rock, is a blue-collar worker with two jobs so he can provide for the family. Julius is unable to always be present in Chris’ life, but that’s because he’s working for Chris’ future.

Julius makes sure to stand up for Chris whenever he finds anyone treating his son wrong. He struggles to find time to rest, yet he chooses to be around his family if he’s given a choice. Julius’ work commitments prevent him from being closer to his children, although they know he loves them.

7 Ray Campbell (Sister, Sister)

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Sister, Sister is about a pair of twins, Tia and Tamera, who were adopted separately. They accidentally meet as teenagers, which is when Tamera’s adoptive father, Ray Campbell, agrees to take Tia in as well. Despite not being Tamera’s biological dad or having any relationship with Tia, Ray’s love for them is unconditional.

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Ray is the usual bumbling sitcom father, but he raises the girls all on his own due to his wife’s demise. Ray’s kooky personality doesn’t prevent him from being strict when it’s needed, as he knows how to discipline the kids. His love is such that the twins prefer him over their biological father when they meet the latter.

6 Bernie McCullough (The Bernie Mac Show)

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The Bernie Mac Show follows the titular character after he gains custody of his sister’s children. Bernie starts out missing his carefree life before he starts to appreciate the kids around him. He then becomes a model father even though there are several growing pains.

Bernie ensures the children get a household that’s safe and free from the drama that his sister failed to provide. Emotional moments are signified when Bernie breaks the fourth wall and tells the audience how much his life has been enriched as a dad. The character is thrust into the role of a father, but he shines in it.

5 Carl Winslow (Family Matters)

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Before Family Matters became Steve Urkel’s show, Carl was the lead character. Regardless, he remains a good father throughout the sitcom’s length. Carl is constantly surprised by his family’s wild behavior, which generally involves fallout from Steve’s inventions.

While he complains about them, Carl never actually holds his family in a contemptuous light. He’s aware that his children aren’t the brightest, yet he encourages them to do what they love. Carl is also very tolerant of Steve’s continuous presence, as well as falling victim to the latter’s inventions. He’s quick to forgive and retains casual energy whenever he’s around.

4 James Evans (Good Times)

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The Evanses aren’t the richest of families; Their struggle to earn is the main premise of their sitcom. Good times Focuses on the family’s dynamic, where James earns alongside his wife to provide for the children. James might not have a fancy job, but his heart is the biggest.

The character doesn’t let his kids feel that they’ve missed out on anything, working hard to keep them fulfilled. James dies in an accident after three seasons, yet his impact is such that the family frequently remembers his contributions. James’ legacy is of being a father that his children are proud to hold close to their hearts.

3 Calvin Butler Puts (The Neighborhood)

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Calvin starts out as a rather intolerant person in The Neighborhood before his character changes completely. Calvin is revealed to be a loving father who’s never missed the cherished moments of his sons’ lives. He understands when they make mistakes and encourages them to follow their passion.

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Calvin also plays a fatherly role to his neighbor’s son and becomes a paternal figure to a troubled girl whom he employs at his auto repair shop. Although Calvin is hotheaded and makes snipping remarks, he’s never hurtful and easily comes around whenever his children decide things he doesn’t agree with.

2 Michael Kyle Sr. (My Wife And Kids)

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Michael Kyle is the reason for My Wife and Kidssuccess as a sitcom. He messes around with his family a lot, which is all in good fun. His kids frequently realize how good they have it when they see other kids struggle with their parents. Michael uses funny ways to discipline his children, although he also spoils them with a lot of love.

Michael is a cool dad who’s very understanding of his family’s needs. He regularly takes his wife and children to luxurious getaways and doesn’t pressure them for anything. Michael even provides for his children’s significant others, to the point where those characters basically start to live in his house.

1 Philip Banks (The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)

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Although the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air character is popularly known as Uncle Phil, he’s the greatest dad anyone can have. Phil takes Will in as a part of his family, putting up with all his antics and providing his support along the way. His children may be spoiled, but they’re good people at heart because of his upbringing.

Phil is willing to go to any length to keep his children and will be secure. His fatherly nature is so great that he begins to refer to Will as his own son even though they’re not biologically related. Phil is responsible for changing Will from a troublemaker into a wise young man, along with molding the futures of all his children.

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