10 Real Jobs Pokémon Could Do Better Than Humans

Every Pokémon has a specific skill set that benefits its trainer when locked in battle. But these skills could be used in occupations that humans usually take on in the regular world. Detective Pikachu shows many Pokémon working human jobs, utilizing their skills to outdo the humans who would fill their positions.

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While some of these jobs the Pokémon work are more of a convenience to humans than something that they are exceptionally good at, they excel in these occupations. But other job opportunities seem perfectly made for Pokémon as their skills fit the requirements and make the jobs more accessible and safer.

10 Blastoise – Firefighter

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As the third evolution of one of the most popular water types starter Pokémon, Blastoise has a set of powerful water canons. This makes Blastoise the perfect candidate to be a firefighter. With the powerful canons on its shell, Blastoise doesn’t need to get as close to a fire as human firefighters have to with a hose.

While Blastoise’s canons can cut through metal, by standing at a father’s distance or controlling the strength of its blast, Blastoise could put out a fire faster than any human could. Their cannons would just need to be precise.

9 Venusaur – Landscaper

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When Venusaur uses its powers, it can enhance the plant growth around it, making Venusaur the perfect landscaper. Even though the blast of pollen that comes with Venusaur using their powers can cause discomfort to those with allergies, it helps pollinate more flowers in a shorter time.

This would benefit all the plant life and create environments for essential pollinators like bumblebees to thrive. A team of Venusaur could transform a neighborhood in a few hours, whereas human landscapers would take days, and the flowers would take more time to bloom.

8 Chansey – Nurse

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Chansey is an iconic normal-type Pokémon that would thrive as a nurse. Chansey was shown in the Pokémon series as a nurse before, as the pink egg carrier has a hidden healing ability that would be useful in a healthcare worker role.

With its special healing power, Chansey only needs to be near a patent to heal them, meaning invasive surgeries or painful procedures. Just like human nurses, Chansey is always ready to help the next person once the last is healed, making Chansey an excellent candidate for a nurse.

7 Zigzagoon – Sanitation Worker

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Zigzagoon has the power to pick up used items from battle and recycle them to be used again by another trainer. While their abilities are used in battle, Zigzagoon’s pickup ability could translate to working as a sanitation worker and picking up materials that could be recycled and used again in everyday life.

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The pickup power applies to single-use items that can’t be used unless a pickup-equipped Pokémon is in battle. Sanitation workers are equipped to take single-use items like plastic bottles and take them somewhere to turn them into other bottles or other plastic-based items. Zigzagoon could be helpful in these efforts.

6 Loudred – DJ

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Loudred appears as part of a DJ set in Detective Pikachu, which is the perfect job for the normal type Pokémon to take on. Loudred can control the amount of sound they produce, making themselves louder or quieter depending on the battle.

These skills can be utilized at a party to play music for partygoers and adjust how much sound is produced based on how loud people talk. Even though Loudred can produce enough sound to bring down buildings, the control Loudred has over its powers keeps it in the position to be a good DJ.

5 Sandshrew – Archeologist

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Sandshrew is an iconic ground-type Pokémon that would thrive as an archeologist. Sandshrew can use sand to obscure the vision of their opponents. This power can also be used to uncover relics in desert settings, as they can quickly move sand that may be covering ancient treasures.

Sandshrew would be helpful to parts of archeological digs since they thrive in harsh environments and are happy to be in the heat rather than the cold. Plus, Sandshrew are fast diggers, making the work go faster than it would if humans were using shovels.

4 Makuhita – Personal Trainer

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Makuhita looks like a boxer with a black color on its hands that makes it look like it is wearing gloves, which is perfect for this fighting type Pokémon. Makuhita has a high level of resilience and doesn’t stop a battle just because they’ve been knocked down more than once. This attitude made them the perfect candidate to be personal trainers.

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Besides being an encouraging figure, Makuhita trains all the time to stay in shape. They live in the mountains, moving trees to improve their strength, which they could share with their clients if they were trainers. This fighting type takes good care of itself, ensuring that it eats a good meal and gets sleep after training and battling, which are considered healthy habits it could pass on.

3 Plusle & Minun – Electricians

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Plusle and Minun work together to make their electrical powers work more effectively. Their powers don’t work independently, as they need both negative and positive charges to produce an attack. This premise of negative and positive is essential when doing electrical work on homes and cars, making these Pokémon perfect for the role of an electrician.

While electric-type Pokémon like Pikachu are seen as iconic, Plusle and Minun are just as powerful and helpful when using electricity. These Pokémon work together to create the perfect balance needed to power homes and buildings, and they do not require the knowledge of wires to do so.

2 Snorlax – Personal Security Guard

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Snorlax is known for being a sleepy large Pokémon always sleeping in inconvenient places. But once they are awake, Snorlax is a fierce warrior that will send their trainer from threats of other Pokémon. This makes Snorlax perfect for the role of a personal security guard.

Snorlax can only be awoken when a specific instrument is played, like an alarm that alerts him it is time to wake up and protect someone. Like a personal security guard, Snorlax is always around but not engaged unless necessary. Even though Snorlax is intimidating to look at — which could deter would-be attackers — they are a comforting presence for those who travel with them.

1 Castform – Meteorologist

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Certain types of Castform appear more often in Pokémon Go! depending on the weather in the location of the player. This gives players an indication of the forecast throughout the day. Castform provide a visual representation of what to expect from the weather, making them easy to distinguish from one another.

Unlike humans, Castform knows what the weather will be with unmatched accuracy. Their natural instinct of popping up when the weather fits their type makes Castform the best Pokémon to fill the role of a meteorologist.

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