14 Best Facial Hair Removal Methods of 2023 (Tested & Reviewed)

The best way to remove facial hair from your face, regardless of your gender identity, will depend on: (1) your pain tolerance, (2) how often you want to remove your hair, (3) your skin type and skin color, and (4) whether you want a temporary or permanent result. Basically, There’s no single “best” way. Instead, you’ve got options:

  • Physical hair removallike shaving, waxing, threading, and plucking, which cut off the hair or pull the hair out from the follicle
  • Chemical hair removal (aka “depilatories” or hair removal creams) which dissolve the hair from the root
  • Laser hair removal, which works by “emitting a beam of light that destroys the root of the hair with each treatment,” says Dr. Zeichner

1. Shaving facial hair

When it comes to removing facial hair via shaving, you can either use a dermaplane razor or a regular razor. A dermaplane razor is great for getting a gentle surface-level shave and mild exfoliation on dry skin. A traditional razor (either a single-blade safety razor or a multi-blade disposable razor) is best for getting a super-close shave with coarse hair on wet skin.

2. Dermaplaning facial hair

If standing in the mirror with a dermaplaning razor to your face makes you nervous, opt for a professional dermaplaning treatment with your dermatologist or aesthetician. Not only will you walk away with baby-soft skin, but you’ll also leave behind up to three weeks’ worth of dead skin.

3. Waxing facial hair

The idea of ​​waxing your face at home might make all your muscles tighten, but I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds. The major benefit here is the Hair will take longer to grow back, since you’re removing it from the follicle rather than just cutting it off at the service.

Although you can always get a professional wax (which is recommended for newbies), There are also tons of at-home waxing kits you can find that come with preloaded wax strips that require zero expertise or mess. Other waxing options include waxing kits where you heat up the wax yourself, smooth it over your (clean) skin, cover with a strip, then peel off quickly.

4. Sugar-waxing facial hair

If you want to remove facial hair in a cleaner and more natural way, you may love sugar waxing—a pre-made or DIY alternative to traditional chemical-based waxes. Sugar waxing is a paste that hardens on your skin to rip out facial hair (or any hair), and it can be better for sensitive, allergic skin that can’t handle traditional wax formulas.

5. Tweezing facial hair

If you want to tackle small areas like eyebrows, or you’ve just got a few strays you want to remove (lookin’ at you, rogue chin hair), all you need is a pair of tweezers. Clamp them firmly over the base of an individual hair, then pull firmly in the direction of hair growth. And if you’re wondering if plucking or tweezing will cause more to grow back in its place, let me save you the Googling: It won’t.

6. Epilating facial hair

Think of epilators as a bunch of fast, motorized tweezers all operating at once. Glide the epilator slowly over the hair on your face and watch as the tiny tweezers grab and pluck multiple hairs from their folliclejust like with waxing.

7. Depilatory creams for removing facial hair

Depilatory creams—or hair-removal creams—use chemicals to break down and dissolve the base of your hair from the follicle, so it can be wiped cleanly away. Pick up a cream that’s safe for your face, follow the instructions, then wait the recommended time before wiping it off.

Just remember: If you have sensitive skin, acne, or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasisyou’ll want to skip this option because the chemicals and the process can be really irritating.

8. Laser hair removal for facial hair

Laser-hair removal uses wavelengths of light to target and heat up the hair follicle to destroy a portion of it with each treatment, helping to reduce the overall number of hair follicles on your skin. Just know that in-office devices are significantly more effective and faster-acting, though you can still get decent, long-lasting results with an at-home laser hair-removal device.

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