Dragon Ball: 10 Times The Heroes Couldn’t Be Trusted

One of the things anime fans love the most about Dragon Ball is the high stakes. From the beginning of the series, everything is a life or death situation where losing will mean the destruction of a planet or sometimes even worse. After all, Frieza sought to conquer the galaxy and Buu sought to destroy it.

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But despite the enjoyment fans get from watching their favorite heroes survive in situations like that, it doesn’t mean they’re trustworthy. The heroes in Dragon Ball often make mistakes that even some hardcore fans wouldn’t agree with. And while their choices might make the stories more dramatic, that doesn’t mean they always make sense.

10 Gohan Abandoned Piccolo & Krillin

During the Saiyan Saga, the Z Fighters held on for a full day against the power of the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta. Nappa’s incredible power tore through all but a handful of the Z Fighters by the end of the battle. But Piccolo managed to come up with a single plan that could have done some serious damage to Nappa.

After being distracted by Piccolo and Krillin, Gohan was supposed to hit Nappa with his strongest attack. But Piccolo put his trust in the hands of a five-year-old who had only spent a single year training before he was placed against international killers, so naturally, it didn’t work out.

9 Goku Showed Pity On Raditz

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Raditz came to Earth and immediately established himself as a threat by kidnapping Goku’s son. Though Goku was the strongest man on Earth, even alongside Piccolo there was nothing either could do in a fight against Raditz.

They had one real shot to take Raditz out when Goku grabbed Raditz’s tail, freezing him in place. But Goku has always been a more merciful fighter than any of his allies. His brother pleading with him to spare his life convinced Goku to let go, causing Piccolo to miss his Special Beam Cannon.

8 Krillin & Gohan Were Left To Fight On Namek Alone

Anime Dragon Ball Gohan Vegeta Krillin Team On Namek

At the end of the Saiyan Saga, Goku and the others had just narrowly managed to win. But Piccolo was gone, the Dragon Balls were gone, and there was no way to get their friends back.

Their one hope was traveling to Namek to wish Piccolo back but there was no one left to go other than Krillin and Gohan. Gohan lacked in experience and Krillin lacked in power, so it’s not surprising they spent most of the arc running away from every enemy they met.

7 Vegeta Abandoned Goku Against The Ginyu Force

When Goku came to Namek, it was such an iconic moment that Cartoon Network played it dozens of times for two years straight. Goku was stronger than ever and more than powerful enough to put down Recoome with just a single hit.

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After helping the others with Senzu beans to get them back to full strength, Goku was under the belief that Vegeta would help him fight Jeice and Captain Ginyu, the remainder of the Ginyu Force. But Vegeta wasn’t anywhere near being reformed yet and flew off at the first chance to try and get the rest of the Dragon Balls.

6 Vegeta Believed Himself To Be A Super Saiyan

Although the odds were against them, the Z Fighters managed to fight their way to Frieza’s last form. At the same time, the group convinced Dende to heal Vegeta, as he was their last chance to fight Frieza. But Vegeta’s belief that the Zenkai Power would get him to transform into a Super Saiyan came from nothing more than his own overconfidence.

The result was one of the worst beatings Vegeta ever received, with no one there to save him after he’d expended all of his power. He was the strongest person there and even his power wasn’t nearly enough in the face of a mere fraction of Frieza’s full power. Still, the group had no choice but to trust him.

5 Future Trunks’ Intel About The Future Was Wrong


Initially, Trunks’ goal in going back in time was to try and figure out a weakness of the Androids that he could exploit when he went back to his own time. His other goal was giving Goku the medicine he needed to live long enough to fight the Androids.

But none of them thought that Trunks’ attempt to change the future would actually change the future. Despite training for three years, the heroes weren’t close to prepared for the Androids. There were far more of them created by Dr. Gero in this timeline, and they were even stronger than they had been in Trunks’ world.

4 Vegeta Couldn’t Help Allowing Cell To Get Reach Perfect Form

Every Vegeta fan has the same scene in Dragon Ball history that leaves them irritated whenever it’s mentioned. After emerging from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta had discovered Super Saiyan Second Stage. This new power allowed him to surpass the androids and Cell in his second form. As Super Vegeta, he embarrassed Cell easily.

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But Cell was smart enough to take advantage of Vegeta’s desire to prove himself as the strongest. Vegeta allowed Cell to attain his perfect form and then was easily defeated, leading to the Cell Games. Goku probably should have gone into the Chamber first.

3 Goku Giving Perfect Cell Back His Energy

While Vegeta had a pretty terrible moment in the Cell Saga, Goku isn’t left out of making really questionable moves. One of the best fight scenes in Dragon Ball history is Super Saiyan Goku vs. Perfect Cell. Despite Goku admitting he was weaker, the two seemed evenly matched for most of their battle.

But Goku gave up after realizing he couldn’t finish Cell off and tagged his son in. This plan was bad enough, but it got even worse when he handed Cell a Senzu Bean, allowing him to go back to full strength. Fans have tried to explain this idiocy for years and not a single excuse has been good enough to make up for this obvious plothole.

2 Leaving The Future To Goten & Trunks

Goku had a somewhat decent idea after the battle against Cell. He believed that so many threats came to Earth because of him, so he decided not to return to Earth. But Buu had no connection to Goku at all, so realistically, Goku should have come back and saved everyone. But rather than fighting Majin Buu and defeating him with Super Saiyan 3, Goku had a different plan in mind.

He tried to teach Goten and Trunks to handle it because someone had to have the power to protect tomorrow. Unfortunately, two kids who hadn’t had to fight for their lives constantly took the battle as a game, resulting in Buu getting even stronger.

1 When Gohan Faced Off Against Buu

Anime Dragon Ball Super Buu Punches Gohan

When Gohan got his power-up from the original Supreme Kai, it felt like it was time for him to take center stage again. He had the training, he had the instinct, and he had the power. He showed up and handled Super Buu with ease, but there was just one problem.

Super Buu was smart enough to trick Gohan, Goten, and Trunks. Gohan really should have just finished Buu off, but then again, he spent over a never finishing enemies off when he had the decade the opportunity.

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