Dungeons & Dragons Players Outraged Over Petty DM Lowering a PC’s Stats

Dungeons & Dragons Online fans are frustrated with a Dungeon Master for allegedly lowering a player’s Strength stat during a session.

A Reddit user called Increase Virtual7485 recounted the tale on the DnD subreddit. According to them, the DM’s questionable conduct immediately began when the player created their Barbarian character. When setting it up, they managed to roll an 18, which set the Barbarian’s Strength stat to 20 at level 1 when adding other bonuses. This fortunate roll excited everyone — except the DM, who started making “passive-aggressive” comments about it.

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DM Lowers Barbarian’s Strength Stat For Being Too Strong

Later, the DM asked Increase if they would lower their Strength stat, arguing that it was unfair to other players who didn’t roll as high when creating their characters. Increase refused, and shortly thereafter, started encountering in-game scenarios that seemed purposely constructed to sabotage their character. During one session, the DM began by declaring Increase’s Barbarian was stuck in a river after Increase managed to roll high enough on a strength check at the end of the previous session to escape. To keep the party together, Increase agreed, but, as a result, the entire group became trapped in a cave by the river’s base.

After helping the team fend off swarms of bats in this cave, the DM had a Shadow “immediately” target Increase’s Barbarian, where it proceeded to land several “VERY good” rolls in a row, draining the character’s strength score to 14. When asked if they could restore their Barbarian’s strength to its original level in a future session, the DM replied, ‘It’s where it should be.’ Increase became suspicious about the situation, believing it may have been deliberately contrived to lower his character’s strength. When questioned, the DM denied doing this.

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The DM Doesn’t Understand Basic D&D Mechanics

This situation deeply frustrated D&D Players, as most firmly believe, that a DM that allows rolling for stats should accept the results, even if they are extremely lucky. One Redditor called Tao626 wrote, “Why ask for rolls if you want a specific outcome? DM doesn’t understand the concept of rolling for things.” Another Redditor called Nicholas_TW sarcastically wrote, “DM: *Allows rolling for stats” Player: *rolls really well” DM: *surprised Pikachu face.*”

Some even accused the DM of not understanding the fundamentals of D&D since they once expected the group to fail at escaping a river and did not prepare a scenario for if they crossed it using high athletics checks. A Redditor called Sunsetgal24 wrote a particularly long comment criticizing the DM, saying that “they shouldn’t have rolled stats” if they didn’t want them, and “There should be no ‘I give them a challenge but no one should be able to actually do it scenarios, like with the river. Another Redditor called mdielmann wrote, “There are consequences for playing a dice game and not understanding even the basics of statistics. Switch to playing craps with him. He’ll still be pissed off, but you’ll have his money.”

Source: Reddit

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