How I Met Your Father S1, E8 Recap & Spoilers: ‘The Perfect Shot’

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for How I Met Your Father, Season 1, Episode 8, “The Perfect Shot,” now streaming on Hulu.

Picking up from the last episode, older Sophie tells us that when a big opportunity presents itself, you can’t waste time wondering if you’re good enough. But, of course, in the present, she is doing just that. While she’s in the midst of her spiral, however, Jesse is feeling well. He’s finally recording new music, without Meredith.

Sophie and Jesse bond over being struggling artists, even if this is a TV show, and neither of them are actually struggling. She then leaves to continue at her attempts to get the perfect shot. She’ll see everyone later — at a fundraiser event Drew invited them all to and that no one’s excited about.

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HIMYF 8 Gang

But, while Sid is considering how handsome he’ll look that night in the mirror, Meredith herself shows up, looking for Jesse. Sid isn’t thrilled to see her, but for some reason he just leaves her in the apartment to wait for Jesse. Then he calls Ellen to meet him at Pemberton’s, signaling they’ve got a “Code M.”

At Valentina’s job, we see proof of what she told Sophie last episode — her boss is the worst. He’s actually got a Valentina doll so he can insult “Valentina” without getting in trouble. In retaliation, Valentina swipes an expensive Channel bag from the accessories closet to be auctioned off at Drew’s charity event, to Charlie’s consternation.

Sophie’s attempts at getting the perfect picture misfire, as she takes a tumble and ends up with a chipped tooth. She quickly calls Jesse, figuring he’s got a cheap dentist. It’s probably for the best too, because at Pemberton’s Sid and Ellen — after he finally explains what a “Code M” means — are coming up with the wildest theories ever about why Meredith is back. Which is when Meredith shows up.

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HIMYF 8 Sid and Ellen

Meanwhile Sophie and Jesse are at the dentist, waiting, and it looks like they’re not gonna make it to the charity auction on time. That leaves them plenty of time to realize basically everyone in the waiting room is, like them, a struggling artist of some sort. But thankfully, tooth is taken care of and Jesse and Sophie might not be early, but they can still make the auction. Except, it lasts about two seconds before the car suddenly stops in a way that makes Sophie hit her head — and chip her tooth again.

At the auction, Valentina has a problem. Her boss has noticed the Channel bag is missing, and she needs to get it back. Her downward spiral doesn’t come close to Sophie worrying about whether she and Jesse are going to end up like the people in the dentist’s waiting room, who never achieved their dreams. But Sophie’s got Jesse there, to tell her how amazing she is.

It leads into a moment. They notice, we notice. And then Sophie realizes she’s got her perfect shot — it’s Jesse, right by the broken car. At the same time, at Jesse and Sid’s apartment, Meredith tells them her news so they can share with Jesse. She got signed to a big deal and her album is coming out that same week. Her first single is, very obviously, about her and Jesse and she’s worried about his reaction.

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HIMYF 8 Jesse

At the auction, Drew reveals he offered Jesse a full-time music teacher job, which Jesse apparently turned it down so he could have time to work on his music. Drew implies Jesse needs to stop chasing a pipe dream, which makes Sophie compare the support she got from Jesse, with Drew’s thinking. She specifically asks him about her dreams, and he is clear: there comes a time where one must stop chasing dreams and get a stable job, think about the future.

Someone does get something out of the auction, though, as Charlie steals the Channel bag right back, because even though he hates stealing, he loves Valentina. He’s anything but subtle, and they both have to run out of the event.

With the crew back a Pemeberton’s, Sid and Ellen chicken out from telling Jesse about Meredith, as Jesse and Sophie meet outside and she puts reality into words: the way Jesse sees her is very different from the way Drew sees her. “Maybe he’s not the guy for you,” Jesse says, and though we very much agree, we still didn’t see the part where he takes a step forward and kisses her, coming. Sophie kisses him back, and the screen fades to black.

To find out if Jesse and Sophie are meant for each other, the first eight episodes of How I Met Your Father are available to stream on Hulu.

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