How to Unlock Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley‘s 1.5 update finally lets players visit a location that was once only teased and hinted at: Ginger Island. Part of the Fern Islands, Ginger Island was previously referenced only through the game’s dialogue.

Not only do several characters talk about wanting to visit it, but Stardew Valley’s resident fisherman, Willy, calls the Fern Islands his home. However, getting to this island isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t a task for new players. Ginger Island isn’t immediately accessible, and it has to be unlocked before players can make the trip.


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How to get to Ginger Island

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To unlock Ginger Island, players need access Stardew Valley‘s post-game. This involves doing every single bundle in the Community Center. Alternatively, players can also purchase a JoJaMart membership and buy every single upgrade in the warehouse that replaces the Community Center. Once either of these options has been completed, which usually takes one to two in-game years, players can begin the steps to visit Ginger Island.

Players should get a letter in the mail from Willy inviting them to visit the back room of his shop on the docks. Here, they will discover an old, secret dock with a rundown boat. It’s possible to repair this boat with the right materials. Players who want to visit Ginger Island should get to work, as this boat is the only way to reach the island.

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To repair the boat, players will need 200 hardwood, five battery packs, and five iridium bars. Hardwood is fairly easy to come across, as the six large stumps that spawn in the Secret Woods every single day can be broken with a steel ax or better. Each large stump will drop two pieces of hardwood, meaning players can acquire at least 12 every day. To get more, players can also plant mahogany trees on their farm.

Battery packs are a little trickier to get. First, players will need to construct a lightning rod, which requires one iron bar, one refined quartz, and five bat wings. When placed outside, lighting rods will have a slight chance of being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. It’s helpful to build multiple to maximize the chances of getting a battery pack. Players can harvest these from charged lightning rods, though there’s no guarantee that a lightning rod will be struck during a storm. The iridium bars are the easiest to make, as players only need five iridium ore and one coal to smelt one. Once players have all of these materials, they can repair the boat at Willy’s shop.

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Why Unlocking Ginger Island Is Worth It

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Ginger Island is certainly meant to be an endgame location in Stardew Valley, given the sheer amount of work that goes into just repairing the boat. There’s also a flat 1,000 gold cost for each visit to Ginger Island, so it’s certainly not cheap. Of course, once players reach the island, there’s tons of content to make the visit worthwhile, and players can stay there as long as they wish.

Ginger Island is absolutely worth the work to unlock it. There’s a secret farm where crows don’t spawn, and any crop can be planted there at any time regardless of the season. There are also a lot of secrets, puzzles, and even a hut that can be slept in after using 20 golden walnuts to build it. Ginger Island adds plenty of post-game content and more space for players to expand their farm, even if it’s a bit of a hassle to initially access.

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