Jim Lee Marvel Comics Illustration Wishlist

Jim Lee is an icon of the comic industry. The superstar artist made his name at Marvel, drawing Punisher War Journal, Uncanny X-Men, and x-Men, before leaving the company with the other Image founders. Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Studios at Image Comics was extremely popular, but before the end of the 20th century, Lee sold the whole shebang to DC and joined the company.

Currently, Lee serves as DC’s publisher, president, and chief creative officer. He’s on most short lists for the best comic artist of all time, and has drawn many of DC’s finest. However, beyond the lackluster Heroes Reborn return and his earlier tenure at Marvel, Lee never drew too many Marvel books. While it’s doubtful he’ll ever return to Marvel, there are plenty of great Marvel comics that fans would love to see Lee draw.

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10 Silver surfer

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Silver Surfer is cosmic’s Marvel’s greatest icon. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character has plied the universe for decades, protecting the innocent from the greatest threats. Silver Surfer hasn’t had an ongoing series in a few years, but he’s had several miniseries, reminding fans why he’s always been among Marvel’s most interesting characters.

Jim Lee got a chance to draw The Fantastic Four during heroes Reborn, which ended with a Galactus story. He got to draw Silver Surfer on covers, but he never drew a Silver Surfer comic. Lee’s style would be perfect for a comic starring the Sentinel of the Spaceways. His clean, detailed style would make Surfer shine and would enhance the alien foes Silver Surfer would battle.

9 Captain Marvel

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Carol Danvers came up the hard way through the Marvel Universe, starting out as the first Captain Marvel’s sidekick. A berth with the Avengers made the then-Ms. Marvel is a fan favorite despite some massive missteps with the character. All of that changed in the 2010s. Carol was made into Captain Marvel, finally joining the A-list of the Marvel Universe.

Jim Lee has drawn Danvers before, but he’s never drawn her or any of the other Captain Marvels. During his times drawing Superman, Lee proved how great he was at drawing high-class superhero action starring a powerful protagonist. Captain Marvel is right up Lee’s alley, and he would produce breathtaking art for the character.

8 Thanos

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Thanos has a certain reputation in the Marvel Universe. Everyone knows that battling Thanos is a surefire path to death. He’s wielded ultimate power multiple times, but he doesn’t really need weapons like the Cosmic Cube or the Infinity Gauntlet. His power levels outstrip that of gods like Thor, and he’s battled entire teams of heroes to a standstill.

Jim Lee was at Marvel before villains got their own books, so he never drew a Thanos comic. In fact, unless it was for a commission or one of his drawing challenges, Lee has never drawn Thanos. Lee does an amazing job with massive hunks of muscle and power. Jim Lee’s take on Thanos would be intimidating and regal, wowing fans with every page.

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7 Ms. Marvel

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Ms. Marvel quickly became a Marvel icon. Kamala Khan was the bestselling new Marvel character of the 2010s, and her adventures showed just how great of a character she is. Marvel stirred up a rather major controversy, killing Ms. Marvel off to make her into a mutant, but fans still love Kamala Khan as a character.

Jim Lee was long gone from Marvel when Kamala Khan became Ms. Lee. Marvel. He’s always done a great job with younger characters, like Jubilee. Seeing him render Ms. Marvel’s stretching powers would be awesome. Ms. Marvel has had some great artists over the years, but Jim Lee would give Kamala her greatest look yet.

6 Blade

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Blade is a Marvel horror legend. The vampire hunter has been around for a very long time and has built a huge fanbase. Despite being the first Marvel character to get a major studio motion picture, he’s never been an A-list hero. His vampire hunting adventures have mostly kept him in the darker corners of the Marvel Universe, although he has been an Avenger in recent years.

Blade stories live and die by their action. Over the years, Jim Lee has put down some amazing action pencils. He’s also drawn a lot of characters who use bladed weapons, so Blade is right up his alley. Lee has really drawn a lot of horror characters in full-length stories, so seeing him give readers an amazing Blade story would net the vampire slayer even more fans.

5 Doctor Strange

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Doctor Strange is Marvel’s supernatural MVP. The Sorcerer Supreme has defended the Marvel Universe from the most dangerous mystical threats, his magical powers and knowledge allowing him to even defeat demonic overlords and gods. Doctor Strange is a Marvel legend, and has had a great time in the 21st century, joining the Avengers, the Illuminati, and starring in multiple MCU projects.

Jim Lee has drawn some great magical characters at DC, but rarely has done an entire story with one. Doctor Strange would fit Lee’s style to a tee. He can make Strange’s rogues gallery look amazing, and he would give readers Doctor Strange art unlike any they’ve seen before.

4 wolverine

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Wolverine is the best there is. The mutant berserker is the X-Men’s biggest success, and most popular solo star. He rose from obscurity and leapfrogged all of Marvel’s Silver Age greats to join Spider-Man at the top of the popular food chain. Wolverine continues to be one of Marvel’s two brightest stars and is the only X-Man popular enough to sustain his own series for over thirty years.

Jim Lee and Wolverine are old friends. Lee made Logan look like a billion dollars in uncanny X-Men, X-Men, and pin-ups, but never got a chance to draw Wolverine’s solo adventures. That’s something of a travesty for fans. Putting Jim Lee on a Wolverine comic would be a massive move, as there are few artists who have made the character look better.

3 Venom

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Venom has been popular pretty much since the beginning. Fans gravitated to the symbiotic villain and Marvel quickly made him into a hero in order to take advantage of his popularity. Since then, Venom’s reputation has risen and sank, but he’s among Marvel’s most recognizable characters. The last few years have been especially good for him and his fans.

Venom’s become a major player in the Marvel Universe, his solo book helmed by A-list writers and artists. Jim Lee was coming up at Marvel when Venom was at the height of his popularity, but never got a chance to draw a Venom comic. Putting Jim Lee on a character that was a titan of ’90s Marvel just feels right. Venom works best under the pencils of amazing artists, and Lee definitely fits that bill into a tee.

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2 The Inhumans

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The Inhumans haven’t been very lucky lately. A solid C-list property, Marvel tried to push them far beyond their level, hoping to use them as an X-Men surrogate. This was a major mistake and a total misuse of characters that have all the potential in the world. The Inhumans are a wonderful piece of the Marvel Universe and deserve better than they’ve gotten.

Jim Lee’s time on the X-Men shows how great he is at rendering characters with unique powers and looks. He would do an Inhumans comic unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. The aborted Inhumans push had many of the best artists Marvel could master on it, but Jim Lee would take the Inhumans to a level they had never been before.

1 Spider-Man

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Spider-Man is Marvel’s most popular character. His debut cemented Marvel’s method of creating heroes as likable, relatable protagonists readers could empathize with. Since then, he’s starred in brilliant stories through the cream of the comics crop. Few characters have conquered the pop culture landscape like Spider-Man. Even when his book is generally considered terrible, it’s still the bestselling comic in the land.

Jim Lee never got a chance to draw a Spider-Man comic. In the ’90s, Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen had strangleholds on the character and Lee was off in the X-Men corner of things. If there’s one Marvel character that everyone wants to see Jim Lee do, it’s Spider-Man. He’s the top of the pyramid and is perfect for Lee’s style and artistic talent.

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