Kenny’s 6 Best Quotes From South Park, Ranked

Kenny McCormick is one of the most beloved characters in South Park. Although there were times where he wasn’t in the series as much as Stan, Kyle, and Cartman, he’s without a doubt integral to the team. What originally started out as an ongoing gag – where Kenny was killed time and again only to return in the next episode – gave way to a well-rounded and interesting character as seasons went on.

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Kenny is also well known for being hard to understand when speaking through his tightly drawn hoodie. Despite this, there are a few moments where Kenny is coherent. It’s easier to understand South Park‘s mumbly resident when he takes the hoodie off or when he merely deepens his voice for his alter-ego Mysterion, but Kenny’s spoken more than once.

6 “It Isn’t Fair! I Was So Close To Getting AB****** And I’ll Never Get One Now! This Is F****** B******!”

Kenny and his girlfriend

In “The Ring,” season 13, episode 1, Kenny and Tammy start dating after Kenny finds out from his friends that Tammy performed an illicit act on another kid at a TGI Fridays before the two started dating. Wanting the same for himself, Kenny suggests a trip to the chain restaurant. Things didn’t work out as he had planned, and the couple go to see the Jonas Brothers perform. Much to Kenny’s chagrin, the Jonas Brothers convince Tammy to start wearing a purity ring.

5 “Karen McCormick Is Off Limits! Do You Understand? Make Sure Everybody In This School Knows.”

Mysterion beats uo Karen's bully

In the 14th episode of season 15 episode, “The Poor Kid,” Kenny and his siblings are taken to a foster family in a different school district. While they are attending, Karen – Kenny’s younger sister – becomes a target of bullying.

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Disguised as Mysterion, Kenny gets involved, beating the bully up and telling her, “Karen McCormick is off limits! Do you understand? Make sure everybody in this school knows.” He then brings Karen safely back to her class. Karen, not knowing Mysterion’s true identity, believes that she was protected by a guardian angel.

4 “No, It’s True. As Long As My Identity Is A Mystery, This Will Just Happen Again And Again. It Has To End. I Will Show My Face.”

When Cartman became The Coon, he did so because he wanted the attention. But when a greater superhero, Mysterion, showed up, things changed. The Coon ends up teaming up with his nemeses, Professor Chaos and General Disarray, to fight and expose Mysterion’ true identity. Eventually, The Coon ends up convincing Mysterion to reveal who he is to all of South Park.

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He draws back his mask and hood to reveal a nondescript face. While the people of South Park recognize Kenny right away, audiences couldn’t tell him apart from any of the other background characters, so they had to wait until it was more clearly stated later on.

3 “Now Let Me Tell You, Child, Of A War That Is About To Come…”

Princess Kenny

The 8th episode of the 17th season, “A Song of A** and Fire” opens up with a lengthy, foreboding quote:

“Now let me tell you, child, of a war that is about to come. Since time I remembered, there have been two: One dark and unforgiving, the other pure and filled with light. At the dawn of war, I stand alone , looking out where would be the last battlefield, for winter is coming. And I am a princess. Once a common lady of the dark army, but tonight, my right equals princess by birth, I betrayed my kind. my side, that I believed was best for all. For it has a Dualshock controller with a speaker and a touchpad interface. Our land is split in two, brother against brother, friend versus friend. My parents will fight on the Black Friday as well. For what? I do not know. My followers, though few in number, shall help see me through until I am finally accepted as a princess by all. I cannot rest. For I know, that even now, the enemy is training for battle. Also preparing for winter.”

Spoken by actress Caitlin Gallogly, fans were surprised to learn that the voice belonged episode from Kenny when he assumed the role of princess for the.

2 “You Are Not Alone. No Matter Where You Go, No Matter What You Do, I Will Always Be Here.”

Kenny's siblings and foster parents

“The Poor Kid” is a remarkable episode, full of meaningful Kenny-isms. When the McCormicks first arrive at their foster home, they learn that their foster parents are very strict, and Karen became understandably frightened, unsure of her place in the world. That night as she cried, Kenny dressed up as Mysterion to comfort her. Not understanding why her real parents went to jail, Karen tells Mysterion that she feels like she is alone. To which Kenny (as Mysterion) replies: “You are not alone. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, I will always be here.”

1 “I Can’t Die. I’ve Experienced Death Countless Times…”

Kenny’s best quote is in the 12th episode of season 14, “Mysterion Rises.” After Captain Hindsight snuck into Mysterion and co.’s base to search for the photos that The Coon for blackmail, the heroes attempted to make peace with him. However, Mysterion tells Captain Hindsight to shoot him. Kenny (as Mysterion) reveals that he does, in fact, have a superpower.

“I can’t die. I’ve experienced death countless times. Sometimes I see a bright light. Sometimes I see Heaven or Hell. But eventually, no matter what, I wake up in my bed, wearing my same old clothes. And the worst part: nobody even remembers me dying. I go to school the next day and everyone is just like, “Oh, hey, Kenny,” even if they had seen me get decapitated with their own eyes. You want to whine about curses , Hindsight? You’re talking to the wrong f****** cowboy!” In this scene, fans are able to understand how painful it is for Kenny to briefly, yet repeatedly, experience death, and that the experience goes much further than the mere punchline that it originally appeared to be.

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