Love Is Blind: Every Red Flag Natalie and Shayne Ignored

Love Is Blind Season 2 gives Shayne and Natalie a rough time on the Netflix show, thanks to his connection with Shaina and his many character flaws.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Love is Blind Season 2, streaming on Netflix now.

Love Is Blind fans couldn’t help but be frustrated at Shayne’s aggravating actions throughout every episode of Season 2. He threw up several red flags from his connection with two women in the pods: Shaina and Natalie. The Love Is Blind Season 2 finale featured several weddings, and was supposed to include Shayne and Natalie tying the knot — but they didn’t.

After Natalie noticed Shayne’s many flawed character traits, they had an explosive fight the night before the wedding and she left him at the altar. During the fight, Shayne told Natalie he hated her and that she was the worst thing that ever happened to him. She was lucky — because the red flags didn’t start with that terrible comment. They’d been present all season; she’d just ignored them.

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Shayne Wished Natalie Was Shaina In The Pods

Shaina talks to Shayne in Love is Blind Season 2

Shayne’s first red flag occurred early in the series, before Natalie and Shayne got engaged. Shayne developed a deep emotional connection with Natalie while maintaining flirty banter with Shaina (another frontrunner for the “biggest villain” title). During one of Shayne and Natalie’s pod meetings, Shayne said, “Shaina? I was hoping it was you.” It was no surprise that this comment deeply saddened Natalie and caused her to walk out of the pod. Despite Shayne wishing she was another woman, Natalie accepted his marriage proposal. Unsurprisingly, the pair Natalie and Shayne initially became happy together, but things quickly rocky during their vacation to Mexico.

Shayne Continued To Pursue Shaina Room for Asking Natalie To Be His Girlfriend

Natalie is upset in Season 2 Love is Blind

After Shayne popped the question to become official with Natalie, he continued to flirt with Shaina. Shaina found out about Natalie’s new relationship status and brought the topic up to Shayne. Shayne initially wouldn’t admit he asked Natalie to be his girlfriend, and only fessed up when Shaina persistently asked about it. This red flag wasn’t entirely Natalie’s fault, because Shayne was less clear about his relationship than Valentina on How I Met Your Father. Therefore, Natalie was blindsided when Shaina called her and said “If things don’t work out with Shayne, I have someone for you.” Shaina also told Shayne that he and Natalie were not made for each other and that their relationship was fake.

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Shayne’s Childish Views On Finances

Shayne and Natalie having dinner on Love is Blind

When Shayne and Natalie started talking about serious topics like finances in preparation for their possible marriage, Love Is Blind viewers saw exactly how frivolous Shayne can be with his money. Natalie discussed how secure she was with her finances to Shayne — but he had a drastically different response. He stated he doesn’t believe in a 401K and revealed he has a spending problem regarding food (maybe he’d been watching too many food shows on Netflix). Shayne typically spends around $2000 a month on food and prefers to live a risky lifestyle with finances instead of saving. That was a massive red flag.

Shayne’s Tendency To Get Defensive

Shayne with his arm around Natalie

While Shayne’s wildly extroverted personality could be exhausting to watch, his obsession with constantly defending himself in an explosive manner was infuriating. He was angrier than the DC fans boycotting Warner Bros. Shayne’s first eye-opening behavior occurred when Shaina asked him about his relationship status; he was offended by Shaina being upset that he continued to flirt with her if he was in a relationship with Natalie. She had a right to be bothered, but he walked out and said he wanted to go home. Shayne was also fed up with Natalie’s playful jokes and rudely told her to stop them.

In a hilarious scene Natalie wasn’t present for, Shayne wildly swung a baseball bat and was incredibly mad that he missed all the pitches, which showed how fragile his masculinity really is. Which showed how fragile Shayne’s masculinity really is. Natalie was lucky not to end up with him, but now that Shayne is single and Shaina has broken things off with Kyle, will the two most polarizing people from Love Is Blind Season 2 end up together?

Love Is Blind Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix; the Season 2 reunion special will premiere on March 4.

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