Love Is Blind: Who Got Married in the Season 2 Finale

Season 2 of Love is Blind tested many couples with how much drama was involved, but which couples said “I do” on their wedding days in the finale?

The Season 2 finale of Love is Blind premiered on Netflix on Feb. 25, and viewers were shocked at which couples stayed together and which ones called it quits. Season 2 was a hectic one, full of twists and turns that caused viewers to either root for certain cast members or be driven insane by others. The ups and downs of Natalie and Shayne’s relationship were enough for viewers to keep tuning in each week.

In addition to Shayne and Natalie, other couples also faced various obstacles, such as physical insecurities, clashing lifestyles, and financial disagreements, once they learned more about their significant others. Here’s who lived happily ever after and who was left on the altar.

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Nick And Danielle Have Clashing Lifestyles

Nick and Danielle in the pool in Love is Blind

Nick and Danielle were the first couple to become engaged in the pods. The couple’s immediate attraction and connection gave viewers hope that they could be a great match. However, Danielle consistently struggled with her physical insecurities, and this tested Nick’s patience. Nick’s shyness and obsession with neatness clashed with Danielle’s easy-going lifestyle.

Viewers particularly noticed their differences when Danielle said her Rockband drum set is constantly in the middle of the living room, and her table was broken from when her friend danced on it. Despite their consistent arguments, Nick and Danielle surprised viewers when they both said “I do” at the altar.

Shake Said Deepti Reminded Him Of His Aunt

Deepti and Shake cheer from Season 2 Love is Blind

Many viewers and even cast members were upset about Shake’s obsession with finding a woman he could fit on his shoulders. Even Deepti, his future fiancee, called him out about it considering she previously struggled with her weight. Viewers learned Shake actually had physical insecurities that led to his desire for a fit woman. Deepti and initially seemed to get along.

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However, the connection wasn’t there for Shake, because Deepti reminded him of his aunt. On their wedding day, it was actually Deept who said no at the altar. She stated it was because she deserved someone who knew for sure about spending the rest of their life with her. Shake then turned to the audience and said, “We’re still good though!” How awkward was that!

Viewers Were Hoping Natalie Would Say No To Shayne

Shayne with his arm around Natalie

Shayne and Natalie’s relationship was one of the main reasons viewers kept tuning in to the show, because they couldn’t imagine what could come out of his mouth next. The couple’s drama-filled relationship began with Shayne’s explosive behavior in the pods regarding his connection with two women: Natalie and Shaina. The night before their wedding, Shayne told Natalie that he hated her and that she was the worst thing that ever happened to him.

When the couple was at the altar, viewers prayed Shayne didn’t brainwash Natalie, and his many red flags would cause her to refuse marriage. Luckily, Natalie said no after Shayne said “I do” and it’s unclear how amiable their split actually was.

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Salvador Would Often Serenade Mallory With His Ukulele

Mallory and Sal laughing in Season 2 Love is Blind

Like Shayne, Mallory was interested in two people during her time in the pods. However, she turned down Jarrette’s proposal after Salvador, also known as Sal, serenaded her with his ukulele. Mallory and Sal had some rocky moments. Cue Sal crying after Mallory reunited with Jarrette, and he could tell about the chemistry between them. However, they earn the award for the most adorable couple on the show, especially for Sal’s sweet vocal and ukulele performances for Mallory. On their wedding day, Sal surprised viewers when he told Mallory at the altar that he wasn’t ready and needed a few days to think.

Jarrette Proposed To Iyanna After Mallory Rejected Him

Iyanna and Jarrette kiss in Love is Blind

Jarrette found love with his other connection, Iyanna, after being rejected by Mallory. The couple bonded after sharing each other’s traumatic experiences, like how Jarrette almost died from a stab wound. Like Sal, Iyanna had some concerns once she noticed Jarrette and Mallory’s connection at a party in Mexico.

Iyanna and Jarrette had a few problems, such as her disagreement with Jarrette about keeping gifts from exes, but the couple seemed to get along for the most part. On their wedding day, both said “I do” at the altar and appeared overjoyed together. Although, who knows what couples have stayed together months after Season 2 aired?

People can watch both seasons of Love is Blind on Netflix, and should tune in for the Love is Blind reunion episode of Season 2’s cast members on March 4.

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