Moon Knight Just Revived a Surprising Marvel Creation by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko From the 1960s

Jed MacKay’s run on Moon Knight established an all-new base of operations for the Marvel hero, the Midnight Mission, a place for travelers of the night to rest and come for protection. As things are want to do for a hero however, a villain’s nefarious plot made their very public hideout a target, blowing it up in a recent issue of the series. This week’s issue, Moon Knight #9, however, has revived the Midnight Mission in a surprising way and MacKay was able to do it by bringing back a creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s from the 1960s! Spoilers follow!

The issue begins with Moon Knight flying out of the window of a building and screaming before falling into a dumpster. As he exits the trash, he laments that he’ll return and with a “way to kill you,” to the unseen force. As the story continues it becomes clear that what tossed Moon Knight out of the window was the building itself, or rather one of the floors of the building, which is in fact sentient, and has apparently been eating people in New York. In a House of Leaves like appearance, this mysterious floor is revealed to be The House of Shadows, a malevolent entity from the 1960s.

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First appearing in Strange Tales #120, and created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the House of Shadows began life as a spooky cabin outside of New York. Doctor Strange eventually banished it back to the realm from which it came, but it eventually returned a few other times in Marvel Comics, encountering ROM the Spaceknight and Doctor Strange once again. The House’s appearance in Moon Knight #9 however marks its first appearance back in the pages of Marvel Comics in thirty years.

Moon Knight concludes the issue with the old adage, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and recruits the House of Shadows to become his new Midnight Mission. The old concept from Lee and Ditko has been revived in glorious fashion here and frankly seems like it could be on its way to making a Disney+ appearance if Marvel Studios is paying attention.

You can find the cover and solicit for the next issue of Moon Knight below.

(Photo: MARVEL)

Moon Knight #10
(W) Jed MacKay (A) Alessandro Cappuccio (CA) Cory Smith
An assassin infiltrates the Midnight Mission, while another hidden enemy strikes at Moon Knight where he is most vulnerable. Attacked on two fronts, the Fist of Khonshu is put on the back foot-but that’s where he’s most dangerous!
In Shops: Apr 06, 2022

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