Superman and Lois’ Natalie Storyline is a Slippery Slope

The trailers for Season 3 of Superman & Lois have promised a lot of action to come. It looks very intense, with a tease that Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane may even die. It hints Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent might lose control in the new Fortress of Solitude as he tries to save her, or worse, if he fails.

This can lead to Jordan’s Superboy being a problem, angry as ever, leaving his twin, Jon, struggling to calm everyone. Either way, all hands will be needed on deck in what’s seemingly the most challenging season. Interestingly, the Steel clan hasn’t been left out the drama because a red flag has popped up: Sam Lane could recruit Natalie, which can cause major issues.

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Superman & Lois Trailer Suggests Natalie is Sam Lane’s New Protege

With all the turmoil occurring, Sam Lane is going to need help. He can be seen arguing with Superman over Lois going missing, suggesting he might not like Kal-El’s methods. Given Superman prioritized saving innocents over Lois — something she’d endorse — it’s easy to see why an emotional Sam would be angry. Additionally, while Sam has trained Jordan for some time, Kal may ban Jordan from working with a Sam who’s acting selfishly.

Jordan himself might not like this, which might play into why Sam’s approaching Natalie for help. The latest trailer has her in civilian clothing, asking if Sam wants to recruit her. His disposition indicates he may well want a “sidekick.” Seeing as he often makes moves behind Superman’s back — like stockpiling Kryptonite weapons — this could be Sam wanting another powerhouse he can control. Of course, selling Natalie on this won’t be easy as she’s fiercely loyal to the Kents.

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Why Natalie and Sam’s Partnership Could Hurt Her Character

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Sam does have nuggets he can entice Natalie with. First, he has the resources and technology that he could offer her the workshop she’s always wanted. John has worked with Sam on weapons before, so Natalie may want to protect Earth in a way that causes friction. John and Natalie have had problems, which are cracks Sam can exploit by offering her the chance to form an armor around the world.

Sam also has young metahumans he can offer up, allowing Natalie to essentially form a young version of the Justice League. However, Natalie may find herself being corrupted with this power. After all, she lost her mother (a Lois back on her world), so Natalie could cross lines, moving from building Steel armor to immoral weapons. Seeing as John is investigating this Earth’s version of himself, Natalie may be left alone and vulnerable, with her judgment being clouded.

With the sinister Bruno Mannheim around, not to mention Michael Cudlitz’s Lex Luthor poised to cause trouble, Natalie has to be careful about going too far. Sam may not reincarnate her in, but this provides a slippery slope that could alienate the Kents and her father. Ultimately, fans are hoping that if Nat takes the deal, she knows her limits and when to tell Sam no. However, the general has a way of getting what he wants, and with Lois in danger, Sam may well push Natalie to break the rules and stain her character.

Superman and Lois Season 3 premieres on The CW on March 14.

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