Why Chaos Dwarfs Are Such an Exciting Addition

After years of fan speculation and theories, the Chaos Dwarfs are finally coming to Total War: Warhammer III. Creative Assembly has announced an April 13 release date for the daemonic Dawi-Zharr and their ridiculous hats, and fans are excited to check out the long-anticipated DLC.

With three new legendary lords, distinct overworld mechanics, and a hearty serving of daemonic siege engines, the Chaos Dwarfs are promising to be one of the most unique factions added to the game since its release. The Total War: Warhammer The series has added over 80 new legendary lords since the original game’s debut, but none have ever come close to evoking the sense of nostalgia and fantasy battle shenanigans that the Chaos Dwarfs promise to bring to the game.


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Chaos Dwarfs Show a Return to Warhammer’s Roots

The Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC is an exciting moment for fans of Total War: Warhammer as it marks a triumphant return to what makes the franchise so exciting. Undeniably a product of campy and grimdark ’90s fantasy tropes, the Chaos Dwarfs are a ridiculous-looking concept elevated into mainstays of the Warhammer Universe by solid lore and a rabid fanbase. Far from just an evil clone of their mountainous brethren, the Chaos Dwarfs ooze passion and creativity. Where the Dwarfs are ingenious craftsmen and stubborn traditionalists, utilizing standard catapults and crossbows, the Chaos Dwarfs fill their ranks with hordes of Greenskin auxiliaries and daemonic siege engines given life by sinister Hellforges deep underground.

Flame elements, sorcery, and more than their fair share of enslaved hobgoblins give the Chaos Dwarfs an edge both visually and tactically over their good-aligned kin. Never are tabletop games of Warhammer more fun than when players are pitting wild and imaginative death machines against one another, and Chaos Dwarfs easily have that in spades. One look at a K’Daai Destroyer — a massive, plate-armored, fire daemon capable of crushing everything in its path — and it’s easy to see why Chaos Dwarfs have remained such an anticipated faction over the years.

As great as it has been to see the ever-expanding roster of High Elves, Lizardmen, and Skaven come to Total Warthe Chaos Dwarf reveal shows that the Creative Assembly is truly listening to the heartbeat of the Warhammer community. Fans have been begging for representation from some of the more obscure, minor factions available in the lore, and it looks like the developers have truly taken those requests in earnest.

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It’s hard to find any fault with the epic, grimdark fantasy battles popularized by the Total War: Warhammer series, but Warhammer as a property is always at its best when there are elements of humor alongside the oppressively gritty atmosphere. Silly pointed hats, forgefiends, and legendary lords in steampunk Gundams will go a long way to making Total War: Warhammer It feels fresh and unique again, and hopefully encourages the Creative Assembly to keep mining the lore for more lost and forgotten factions.

How the Chaos Dwarfs Three Lords Work

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Despite how ridiculous (and prohibitively expensive) some of them are Warhammer‘s historical properties might look upon reflection, fans of the franchise have always held a certain soft spot for the Chaos Dwarfs and their charismatic leadership. Whether commanding the fiery magics of Hashut or annihilating their enemies from afar with daemonic artillery, each Chaos Dwarf Lord offers greatly different mechanics that really show off their unique backgrounds in the lore.

Astrogoth Ironhandthe High Priest of Hashut, comes to Total War: Warhammer III riding an actual steampunk mech into battle. A Lore of Fire spellcaster decked out in more armor than Chaos Chosen, it’s very likely that Astrogoth will be able to single-handedly hold the line against some of the beefiest close combat units in the game, allowing all that Dwarfen ranged firepower to do its work.

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Drazhoath the Ashen, Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut, leads the dreaded Legion of Azgorh atop his Bale Taurus, Cinderbreath. Essentially riding a great, big pseudo-dragon, Drazhoath prefers to handle the more delicate matters in life by blowing them up–or dispersing hordes of chaff with massive Skullcracker tanks.

Zhatan the Blackarmored and shielded much like the more familiar mountain Dwarfs, is essentially the melee hordemaster of the DLC, smashing into enemy ranks with heavily-armored retinues of Chaos Dwarf Warriors and swarming Hobgoblins to overwhelm other factions’ elite melee infantry.

Alongside the new lords, players will be able to live for political power in the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund, drive a militaristic mirror of Cathay’s caravans through the world for slaves and resources, and create new weapons and units for their armies in the Hellforge. Surrounded on all sides by Greenskins, Skaven, and Dawi in their starting positions in the Eastern Badlands and Darklands, the Chaos Dwarfs will have their work cut out for them when the DLC drops.

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