Will Moon Knight Lead To a Midnight Sons Series?

The upcoming Moon Knight series from Disney+ could be paving the way for an epic supernatural team-up within the MCU in the very near future.

Marvel Studios is digging deeper into the supernatural lore of the Marvel Universe with each new MCU project like WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so it is highly possible that there will be a paranormal MCU super-team in the near future. Recent trailers and marketing for this month’s upcoming Moon Knight series are only further suspicions that the MCU is about to introduce the Midnight Sons.

The Midnight Sons are an epic Marvel superhero team consisting of many fan-favorite supernatural and street-level heroes. The team originated in the ’90s and included the likes of Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Hannibal King, Blade and so on, but as the team has reformed over the years it has also included Moon Knight (or Mr. Knight to be precise) and Werewolf By Night among its roster. Some of these characters have already been introduced into the MCU, such as Doctor Strange and Blade, so with the Moon Knight and Werewolf By Night series on the horizon there is room to build up to an MCU version of the team.

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The trailers for Moon Knight make it clear that the show will explore much darker and more supernatural themes. One of the most interesting scenes from the trailers that alludes to this is when Moon Knight is seen pummeling a humanoid-dog figure that many fans are concluding is none other than Werewolf By Night. While it could just be an agent of Khonsu, or another Egyptian god such as Anubius, it would make more sense to introduce a character like Werewolf By Night prior to his upcoming Halloween series. Werewolf by Night is a fairly obscure character when compared to other Marvel heroes that the MCU has utilized, so Moon Knight would be a good opportunity to get fans acquainted with the character.

This character introduction also makes sense since in the comics Moon Knight is commonly pit against monstrous, supernatural foes like demons and vampires. The series’ trailers also confirm that the Mr. Knight persona will be making an appearance in Moon Knight, and it is Mr. Knight that ends up joining the Midnight Sons during the Doctor Strange: Damnation storyline. Then there are the rumors that a certain vampire hunter might join the mix throughout the course of Moon Knight.

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That’s right, there is some theorizing out there that Mahershala Ali will be making a grand appearance at some point during Moon Knight. This would be a major follow-up to his voice reveal during the post-credit scene of Eternals when he speaks out to Dane Whitman, and would actually be a great way to bring Blade into the MCU proper by having him serve as a catalyst for a supernatural team in a similar manner that Tony Stark played when forming the Avengers. Eternals‘ post-credit scene alludes to Blade helping Dane understand the Ebony Blade and his heritage as Black Knight, so it would be interesting to see the character reach out to other MCU heroes as they encounter more supernatural opponents.

It is safe to say that the MCU is going to see more paranormal threats as Phase Four moves forward and, with no Avengers around, there needs to be a superhero alliance to stand against these supernatural villains. It is not clear if a team-up like the Midnight Sons would be a limited Disney+ series or a film, but it is apparent that Marvel Studios is bulking up on the MCU’s supernatural and mystic lore in order to build toward something greater. Moon Knight is poised to be the MCU’s darkest project yet, so it is very likely that it will set the stage for even more paranormal activity and hints toward this future team-up.

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