Will the Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending Hurt the Anime?

The following contains spoilers for the end of the Tokyo Revengers manga by Ken Wakui.

Tokyo Avengers has been highly popular in both manga and anime form, with many seeing it as a soft revival of the delinquent gang genre that was once prevalent in Japanese media. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and that includes great quality. The disappointing ending of the Tokyo Avengers manga could have a huge impact on the show.

The Tokyo Avengers anime isn’t that far along, with its second season – Christmas Showdown — releasing during the 2023 lineup and wrapping up on April 2, 2023. However, with the poor reception to the manga’s conclusion, fans considering the later parts of the story appearing in the anime might be far less interested in viewing. Thus, what was once a promising franchise could be damned by how one version of the story concludes–or perhaps saved due to said negative reception.


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Tokyo Revengers Fans Hate the Manga Ending

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Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Avengers The manga ended in November 2022, but it definitely didn’t meet fan expectations. The biggest criticism was that the final storyline was introduced in the penultimate chapters of the book, making it feel incredibly haphazard. There wasn’t enough development for this plot thread, and it left other narrative concepts completely underdeveloped. All in all, it failed to satisfy even the lowest expectations of how the series would end, especially since so much of the final story sequences were rushed.

The strangely “happy” ending has sullied the manga as a whole, with many turning against it Tokyo Avengers for completely falling off a cliff in terms of quality. While some have defended the ending, it’s mostly been criticized by readers. Comparisons could be drawn to the tepid conclusion of The Promised Neverland, which had an even more despised ending in the anime. This could see the same thing happen to Tokyo Avengersthough the criticisms might actually be fixed when the anime adaptation concludes.

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The Tokyo Revengers Anime Can Redeem the Manga’s Ending

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The most likely outcome is that fans of the Tokyo Avengers manga completely check out from watching the rest of the anime. After all, if it adapts the manga’s poor ending, it’s only going to disappoint them twice. Manga-first fans aren’t the entirety of the Tokyo Avengers viewership, but losing this section of the audience would certainly be a huge blow to the ratings. With how retroactively the whole of the series has been disliked by jaded fans, such a fall from grace for the anime could occur, regardless of whether it keeps its quality up to par.

Given how much the manga’s ending has angered fans, however, those behind the Tokyo Avengers anime could take the opportunity to fix its mistakes instead of repeating them. The biggest issue with the source material’s ending was that the final time travel plot in the conclusion was rushed through, completely rendering it toothless and lacking in pathos. When the anime gets to this point, a way to keep similar criticism at bay would be to slow down and actually portray what happened in a more substantial capacity. That way, even the disliked happy ending might feel more earned, alleviating some of fans’ issues with it.

Even if that happens, however, there could still be a sizable loss in ratings for the next season. The best bet is for the show’s creative staff to go ahead and make some sort of statement alluding to “fixing” the ending of the manga in some way. Otherwise, those who have read it Tokyo Avengers manga have every reason to stop caring about the anime, with even the highlights of season 2 only leading to a letdown of a finale.

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